Our values


Our commitment
Taxiphone Centrale SA and its subscribers constitute a socially responsible involved entity since we contribute to paying, like any honest citizen, the numerous taxes used for regional planning as well as all the social charges allowing a civil society to function. It is for us a very important concept which is close to our heart. The prices of our services are fixed, capped and duly controlled by the Geneva State Council, which guarantees the population a commercial and moral ethic.


Quality = Loyalty
Since 1959 more than 60 million customers have placed their trust in us and appreciate the quality service provided by our 650 drivers involved, not to mention our 25 telephone operators who take turns tirelessly, 7/7 24H / 24 and an always present administration. and listening to its customers.

DIgital technology but above all human!
2.0, 4G+, Wifi

MYTAXIPHONE.CH website, new TAXIPHONE GENEVE application and TAXIPAD which allow you to order your tailor-made taxi within an unbeatable time.


Authorized circulation of our affiliated taxis (bus lanes, reserved areas) journeys carried out by drivers mastering all the topography of the canton and having all passed the official Geneva taxi driver examination. Our taxis are in principle less than 3 minutes from you.

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